Friday, 29 July 2011

Build Barrage Balloon

When the build breaks people need to know. Our build server is hosted on a remote linux VM, so we play build noises using a patched version of the Jenkins notification plugin and my own notification client, Jinkies. But playing a build noise isn't enough - we need to know that the problem is being addressed and have a perpetual reminder not to check in.

In the past we've used comedy build hats, but on a hot day wearing a hat can get uncomfortable. On another project we used a rubber chicken on a pole, but it wasn't visible enough. One December we even tried a mini Christmas tree (with sign saying "please don't break my trunk"), but it took up too much room on the desks. Short on ideas and limited to the local shops we hit upon the idea of a helium balloon. They're cheap, highly visible, portable and take up no desk space whatsoever. There's also a wide variety to choose from (Get Well Soon, Bob the Builder, Jolly Roger, etc). The only downside is you have to keep replacing them every few weeks. Ah well, it will do for now.

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Frank Carver said...

A good idea, but susceptible to wind. Maybe the Pragmatic Programmers "Don't Live with Broken Windows" should include closing open ones!

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