Saturday, 17 December 2011

TEDCEMBER: How To Start A Movement

Today's TED talk by Derek Sivers was fantastic. In 3 minutes and 10 seconds it showed an insight into leadership and the human psyche I had never appreciated. A leader is just a lone nut with the courage to stand out, until he has one follower. The first to follow transforms the lone nut into a leader. The first follower is also an underestimated form of leader. It takes guts to publicly follow a lone nut. When subsequent followers join the movement, they emulate the first follower, not the leader. They don't risk being ridiculed but if they hurry they can still be part of the in crowd, and now the snowball effect really starts to kick in. Eventually the movement gets so big that those late adopters who were afraid of being ridiculed for following the original lone nut now start to feel vulnerable and exposed by not following. That is how you start a movement.

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