Friday, 26 October 2012

I was wrong

I'm naturally a cynic. Sometimes this is a useful character trait, but it can also inhibit learning and dampen optimism. To combat this I try to replace my cynicism with genuine curiosity. It's a strategy that is paying off.

Last night I attended the 2012 Agile Awards. Before the event my cynicism meter was somewhere between DEFCOM 2 and 3. I had deep reservations about some of the shortlisted nominees and was concerned that the event would fall somewhere between an Agile nerd convention and an ego inflation exercise. Why would I want to attend something like that? The answer is curiosity - how would I know if my fears were legitimate unless I went and saw for myself. I'm very glad I did, because I couldn't have been more wrong.

Firstly all but one of the nominees I had reservations about had been nominated for work I was unaware of.

Secondly the nominees I knew and who did win were well deserving.

Third, the guests I spoke to were friendly and interesting. Not at all self inflated.

Fourth, I'd been dubious of the "Best Agile Newcomer" category. Unlike Most Valuable Player or Most Valuable Innovation, I didn't think that being "new" was a special cause for celebration. Once again I was wrong. The crowd's rousing cheer and Emma Hopkinson-Sparks obvious delight at winning was the highlight of my evening.

For the record, I was right about two things. The food and organisation were both excellent. I've known Simon Voice long enough to be confident that he wouldn't be so closely associated with anything that wasn't. It was however my first time for meeting his wife Julie, who was responsible for the event coordination (with credit to their daughter for choosing the music). So well done Julie, Simon and everyone else who worked so hard to put together a brilliant evening. I'm delighted to be proved so thoroughly wrong once again.

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